Do You Have Vexation As Below

✧Defects always be found when received product from supplier, want to repair but take long time to deal,
✧The authenticity of new supplier need further verification, so the same as the quality of new supplier,
✧Supplier do not deal well of product when tiny order,
✧Be worry about client's complain of defect if product from supplier directly to client,
✧Price of third party like BV,SGS was too high,
✧Supplier hold the product even payment be done.

Why Need Us
Avoid product defects

Effectively avoid product defects and extra costs for repairing defects, avoid client's complaint.

Track the manufacture process

Track manufacture process on time, so that can arrange stuff like booking vessel, inspect painting ,inspect packing and so on.

Know the guy who cooperate with you

You can fully know your cooperate supplier by our audit, avoid fraud.

Save time and cost

We will deal your business with one entrusting, no need deal it yourself, save cost and time.

As you know, there are so many inspection companies in the market, such as BV, SGS, DNV, MOODY and so on. They are international giants inspection companies, but you do not know that their shortcomings are infinitely magnified.
1, The price is too high, because of advertising expenses, financial statements and other operating costs, these companies offer very high quotation.
2, Because they involved in many fields, it's impossible to be professional in all fields.
3, Terrible efficiency, owner need to wait for some days to receive reports.
In this case, Wenzhou Fair Valve Inspect Service Co.,Ltd born out.
Many of Fair members have an inextricable relationship with the field of valves.
Some of them was valve engineer before,some of them was valve company inspector like Spain ARFLU(Spain),Rigau(France),U.S.A Powel(USA)and so on.
We fully know what defect will happen on the process of valve manufacture and the most important thing that owner care.
As inspection company, we do not only pick out defects, but also working with suppliers and help them to avoid such defects ,so that can ensure the interests of customer.
Working with us,you will he happy and comfortable.


Our inspector had specialized in valve inspection for more than 5 years.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Inspector will provide actual inspection result without any concealment and falsify,


Report/Photos/Vedio will be sent in 24 hours after inspection finished.


Some teammate was sales before, we know what client care for and complain for.

Inspection Service
We provide service for the following items. If you have other requirements, please call or email us.
Inspection service

(Outsoure/long-term cooperation will be discount)

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Supplier audit service


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Witness service


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